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How to Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Android

Even though Android and iPhone have occupied a large amount of market share in the smart phone market, but still lots of users have chosen BlackBerry phone for security or other considerations. So it is also a common phenomenon to find people to move contacts from BlackBerry to Android or from Android to BlackBerry. However, due to the different operating systems, transferring data between BlackBerry and Android phone are not a simple task for some people, especially when they're going to use an USB cable to reach the goal. So in order to help you solve the data transference problem, we have written this article to show you how to do it in details.

To be honest, you may can't find any tool that can help you transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Android directly, but you can find some small apps to help you reach it in a few clicks. Here, we could like to strongly recommend this Mobile Phone Transfer for your reference. This tool allows users transfer data from phone to phone directly, and also enables users to restore data from various backups well. So you can backup your BlackBerry contacts at first, and then use this program to restore the contacts backups to Android device well.

Sounds great? Get the free trial version now and follow the below instructions to start your own journey.

How to Transfer/Move/Copy Contacts from BlackBerry to Android?

First of all, use BlackBerry® Desktop Software to backup your BlackBerry contacts, and then connect your Android phone to the computer with USB cable.

Secondly, launch the phone transfer and choose "Restore from Backups" and select "BlackBerry" to detect and load BlackBerry backups in the program. You can tick the files like "Contacts" in the middle of the panel and hit the image icon to transfer BlackBerry contacts to Android ASAP.

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