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How to Transfer Contacts from iTunes to Galaxy S8?

As the Samsung Galaxy S series hit the market, more and more users are switching their phone from old iPhone to the latest Samsung S8 or S7. Then what problems should be solved at first when you get a new S8? Of course, transferring your personal info espeically the contacts list to the new Galaxy S8 could be the priority task, but how to reach it?

You may find that it is easy to move contacts to S8 from other devices with a simple transfer program. But referring to import iTunes contacts to Galaxy S8, you may know nothing about it, and you may even don't know where to find the iTunes backups, right? So in order to save your time and improve your contacts transference process from iTunes to S8, we'd like to recommend this Phone Transfer for your choice.

With it, you can easily get access to all kinds of iTunes backup files on your desktop computer, and select your needed data like contacts, messages, music, photos, etc. for transferring. And it also lets you move contacts from iCloud or iPhone itself to Samsung S8 as you like.

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iTunes to Samsung S8 - How to Import iTunes Contacts to Galaxy S8

First of all, you need to choose a mode from the main screen. Here, you are recommended to select "Restore from Backups" and continue to choose "iTunes" as your optimal option here.

Now, you can check the iTunes backups in the program as below. Tick the one your target contacts located, then select the "Contacts" in the middle of the panel. After that, you can click "Start Transfer" button to begin the whole process.


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