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Wanna Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 8/Plus/X? Click Here!

iPhone X or iPhone 8/Plus are coming and according to the news conference held by Apple Inc., these three new products will be able to give us a more enjoyable experience. Thus, as a long-playing Android user, you may want to switch from the Android device to a iPhone 8/8 PLus/X to get more fun from your phone. But before the switching, you'd better consider how to move your Android files to the new device effectively.

However, Android and iOS are two totally different systems and how can you transfer the data from Android to iPhone 8 or iPhone X? Take it easy! It won't be unrealizable. To accomplish the goal, you can turn to Mobile Phone Transfer. With it, you are able to transmit Android files like contacts, books and any other files stored in the SIM card or internal memory to your iPhone X/8/Plus easily.

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Introductions to Transfer Android Files to iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus

It is probable that it is the first time you have heard this product and do not know how to operate it. Don't worry! The detailed steps will be listed below and you can go with them to complete the transferring process.

Step 1. Launch the tool and connect the devices

Run the installed program on the computer and use an USB cable to connect two devices to the computer. Then the program will detect the connected phones automatically.

mobile phone transfer

Step 2. Find out your target files and then transfer them

After that, you will see various kinds of files displayed on the main interface. You can find the files that you want to copy and then tap on it. Finally, hit the "Start Copy" option to begin the data transmission and you can see your Android data on the new iPhone.

android to iphone transfer

Look! It is cool, right? You are capable of transfer and back up your Android files to iPhone X or iPhone 8 within several simple clicks. It won't be time-consuming as well as unworkable, why not have a try?

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