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Easy Way to Transfer iTunes to Android

Saved many interesting photos and videos on iTunes library and now want to sync iTunes data to Android phone? Now, you are faced with incompatibility issue, so how can you easily transfer iTunes to your Android device?

Actually, you can choose to directly transfer files from iTunes to Android phone with manual efforts. Let's might as well take music as example, you should copy iTunes music files into a temporary folders on your computer. And then connect your Android phone to the computer and then import the saved files to Android device from your computer. So it is just a cycle of copying, pasting. But what if you have a long music list or batches of photos, videos to be transferred? Don't worry! Here, you will have access to several useful apps to transfer iTunes to Android.

Useful Apps to Sync iTunes Data to Android Phone

1. Google Play Music

This is one of the most popular music apps for Android users. With it, you can easily transfer any downloaded music song from iTunes to Android within simple clicks. Moreover, this Google app is totally ad-free, so you won't be disturbed by the annoying advertisements at all.

And it is quite easy to operate, you just need to;

- Sign into Google Play music web page with your account and password.

- Then select Add music from iTunes once the app detects the iTunes library on your system.

- Click on the option of Keep Google Play up to date when I add new music to these folders. Then let the app upload these files to the cloud.

- Open the app on your Android phone and then you will see the songs are automatically transferred from iTunes. So you are now free to enjoy iTunes music on your Android device.

2. DoubleTwist

Doubling up as a both music manager and music player, this app allows you to easily sync iTunes music library with Android device as needed and wanted.

Below are the step-by-step guide on using this app;

- Install and run the app on your system.

- Then click on Library - Import iTunes playlists to your iTunes library to continue the process.

- Connect Android device to the computer using a USB cable.

- Now, drag the playlist to your Android device in the Devices panel. Now, start the file syncing process and then you will have access to iTunes music on your Android phone.

As to other iTunes files, you just need to follow the similar steps to do the file transfer.

Extra Bonus: Professional Program to Sync iOS with Android

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