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How to Transfer Media Files from Android to iPhone

You always can find lots of ways to transfer media files between mobile phones that are running on the same operating systems. For example, you can use Bluetooth to move videos, music or photos between Android devices, or use iTunes to share media files between iOS devices, but how to copy them between Android and iPhone? Since Android and iPhone are running on different operating systems, and due to the security consideration, you're not allowed to pair your Android to iPhone by using Bluetooth, so that you cannot move any data in this way, then what will you do? How to reach your goal?

Actually, it could be easy for you to solve the problem, the key point here is to find a reliable yet professional phone transfer as your helper. That's why we recommendPhone Transfer here for your reference. With it, you can easily and quickly transfer data like videos, music, photos, or many other files from Android to iPhone without hassle. There is no quality losing during the whole transferring process, and you can choose to transfer a single or the whole media files from your Android phone to iPhone or from iPhone to Android devices as you like.

Now, just click the below icon and follow the steps to learn how to copy media files from Android to iPhone step by step.

How Do I Transfer Music, Photos, Videos from Android to iPhone?

After launching the program on your desktop computer, you'll see an interface like below. Here, you're required to choose the function mode according to your own needs. To move media files between Android and iPhone, you can choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" and hit "Start" button to scan for files.

Note: Please ensure your Android and iPhone device have been connected to the computer with USB cable before launching the program, and please don't unplug it during the process.

Decide which types of files you wish to transfer, and then hit the image icon in the middle of the panel to begin the whole transference.


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