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How to Transfer SMS from Samsung to iPhone

Sometimes you may feel that texting messages are more convenient than making a call, especially when you're under some special situations. So it is inevitable that you have saved lots of important or funny or memorable messages on your mobile phones, right? Thus, when you're planning to switch phone from one to another, you may also wish to move these saved messages from the old phone to the new one, right? If so, you've been the right place. In this page, you'll see the detailed tutorial on how to transfer text messages from Samsung to iPhone within few clicks.

To reach it, you need a powerful Mobile Phone Transfer to help you get access to your Samsung and iPhone's internal memory, and move data between them without restrictions. Without it, you cannot directly transfer SMS from Samsung to iPhone with 1 simple click. And this program also allows you to copy data like contacts, call logs, photos, apps, calendars, music, etc. from Samsung to iPhone or from iPhone to Samsung as you like.

Now, just click the below icon to get this powerful tool and follow the simple guide to reach your goal.

How to Transfer, Move or Copy SMS from Samsung to iPhone Easily?

Step 1. Directly enter the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and hit "Start" button to detect any connected devices on your computer. Please be noted that your Samsung and iPhone are required to be connected before launching the program, so if you can't link them at the beginning, you need to do it and then detect the devices again.

Step 2. After detecting your connected Samsung and iPhone, this program will display them as below:

Step 3. Here, you can select the conents like SMS, contacts, etc. you wish to move, and then hit the image icon in the middle of the panel to begin the transferring process from Samsung to iPhone.

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