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Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to iPhone

Sometimes, you may wish to move some important messages from your iPhone to another iPhone for backup, evident or other unknown reasons, or you may just need to move the whole contents from your old iPhone to new one since you have changed a new iPhone, but the problem here is how to successfully finish the transference between two different iPhones? It is no doubt that you can use iCloud or iTunes to backup the iPhone contents, and restore or sync them to your new iPhone, but here you should be noted that this method will erase all existing data on your new iPhone, not only messages, but also other data like contacts, call history, etc. So it will lead to another big trouble for you, right? Therefore, we could like to strongly recommend you to solve the message transition problem with the best Phone Transfer program.

With it, you can directly move only text messages from an old iPhone to a new one, and the whole process is really simple: connect device - select wanted files - begin to copy. Cool, right? What's more, this program also allows users to use it as a professional iPhone Backup & Restore tool in the daily life. And it can compatible with other operating system as well as iOS, including Android, Symbian, Windows phone, etc.

Now, just click the below icon to get this powerful tool and begin to copy SMS from iPhone to iPhone.

How Can I Transfer SMS from iPhone to iPhone?

Launch the software on your PC and use 2 USB cables to link your iPhone to the computer. Then it will detect your connected iPhone and display them in the program. Here you need to install the most recent iTunes on your computer or the software will fail to detect your devices.

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After ensuring the devices have been displayed in the right place, you can select the file type of "Text Messages" and then hit the "Start Copy" icon in the middle of the panel to begin the whole transition.

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