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(3 Ways) How to Export Android Contacts to Excel (CSV) Easily?

Summary: Are you looking for an easy way to transfer contacts from Android phone to Excel? This passage exactly tells you how to do it within simple clicks.

To protect the important contacts from losing or deleting on the mobile phones, Android users choose to transfer all their significant contacts to computer as a backup. And in order to better manage the contacts on the PC, users are tending to export Android contacts to Excel, namely the CSV format, so that the contacts can be shown with name, phone number, home address, email address, company address, etc. orderly. Then is it easy to achieve?

The answer is absolutely YES. Although we know that contacts are always stored in the phone's internal flash card which can't be exported to your PC via a simple USB cable, we can make it possible with the help of some tools.

Solution 1. The Easiest Way to Transfer Contacts from Android to Computer as Excel (CSV Format)

Solution 2. Use Gmail to Export Android Contacts to Excel

Solution 3. Backup Android Contacts As Excel File via Professional Apps

Extra Tip: How to Import CSV Contacts to Android?


The Easiest Way to Transfer Contacts from Android to Computer as Excel (CSV Format)

Android Contacts Manager can be your first option here. Unlike other similar Android manager tool on the market, this program can export your Android phones contacts to Excel CSV format directly. That means you only need to connect your phone to the PC and make it be detected and then you can export and save Android contacts as CSV format with one simple click. Below is a brief look of this Android Contacts Exporter software.

- Backup and save your Android contacts as Excel CSV, XML, VCF, HTML, Bak format with one simple click.

- Compatible with almost all Android phones, including HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, ZET, etc.

- Add, delete or modify your Android contacts on computer directly.

- Support to manage other phone data like text messages, call logs, photos, videos, music and so on.

- ...

To get more information about this powerful program, please don't hesitate to get it by clicking the below icons.

Step 1. Run the Program and Plug Your Phone to PC

To begin with, please plug your Android phones to the computer and run the program. Then enable USB debugging on the phone and install USB driver on the computer, then your mobile phone will be detected by the program immediately and you can see the detailed information on the primary window of the software.

android contacts manager

Step 2. Preview and Choose Contacts for Exporting

After detecting, the program will scan the data on your mobile phone automatically. Directly click "Contacts" and then you'll see all contacts information on the screen, including name, phone number, messages, etc. Here, you can select the whole contacts list for transferring by clicking the box besides the "Name" option or mark the wanted contacts selectively.

export android contacts to excel

Step 3. Begin to Backup Android Contacts to Excel

When the whole settings have done, you can click "Export" button and select the backup format to export and save Android contacts on computer as CSV format directly.

Notice: You can also use the tool to backup your Android contacts as VCF or HTML file without any hassle.

Use Gmail to Export Android Contacts to Excel

Gmail is also a good option to transfer the Android contacts. However, this way is not as easy as the first one- you need to sync the contacts with Gmail first and then export the Gmail contacts to CSV file. Let's learn this means step by step:

Step 1. Sync Contacts from Android to Gmail

At first, you need to transfer the contacts from Android phone to Gmail. Then you can login to your Gmail account on computer.

Step 2. Open the Menu

Next, you can tap on the "Menu" icon next to your profile picture and select "More" to display more options. Among these options, you should tap on "Contacts". Then you need to tap on "More" on the left hand side and choose "Export" under the section.

export contacts from gmail

Step 3. Transfer Contacts to CSV Format

After that, a list of contacts with checkboxes will be listed in the right panel. Just mark the contacts that you want to transfer and go on to click "More"> "Export". Then a window will pop up to ask you which contacts and format do you want to export. Just select "Selected contacts" and "Outlook CSV format (for importing into Outlook or another application) and hit "Export".

transfer android contacts to excel

After transferring the contacts to computer, you can open the folder to view, manage and edit the excel contacts as you like.

view excel file

Backup Android Contacts As Excel File via Professional Apps

There are also some applications available for users to export contacts to CSV or XLS files. Here we have two suggestions for you:

1. Contacts Backup- Excel & Email

Contacts Backup- Excel & Email, also called C2X, is a reliable tool to backup your contacts. It can read every single detail of all of your contacts and email them in Excel format with a single tap. That is to say, you can download and view the CSV or XLS file on your phone or computer freely. And it is worth mentioning that this software is easy to use and ad-free. Hence, you can download it from Google Play Store and have a try.

2. Contact to Excel

As the name implies, this program is good at converting contacts to Excel format. You can use it to convert the contacts on your phone to Excel file with one click and then easily email the file. In addition, the full version of this application is free so you can try it without paying any cost.

How to Import CSV Contacts to Android?

After backing up the Android contacts as CSV file, you should know the way of importing CSV files to Android phone as well. But how to complete this task? You can make use of Gmail in this case.

Step 1. Sign in Your Gmail Account

Go to Google.com on your computer and then sign into Gmail with your account and password.

Step 2. Select & Import the Wanted Contacts

Next, you need to click on the triangle icon to expand the list. In this list, you should choose "Contacts"> "More"> "Import". Then you will see a dialogue asking you to import contacts. Just tap on "Choose File" to find the CSV file that you saved on the computer and then click on "Open"> "Import" to upload the file to your Gmail account.

import excel files from gmail to android

Step 3. Sync the CSV File with Android

Once the importing process finishes, all the selected CSV files will be uploaded to your Gmail Account. So now you can sign in the same Gmail account on your Android phone and navigate to "Settings"> "Accounts & Sync"> "Sync Contacts"> "Sync Now" to move the CSV files to your Android phone.

Tip: If you have backed up the contacts as VCF, Bak or XML files on computer beforehand, you can use the Android Contacts Manager to import the files to Android phone as well.


Exporting contacts from Android phone to Excel files enables you to view the contacts more clearly, manage or edit the information more conveniently, backup the data more effortlessly and print the files more easily. It is such a beneficial thing and why don't you have a try?

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