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4 Ways to Backup Android Phone Effectively and Effortlessly

"I'm careless so I am always afraid that one day I might lose all the data like contacts, photos and music that I saved in my Samsung phone. So I want to transfer these files to my computer as a backup. However I failed to get accesses to my files in the smart phone when I connected the device to my computer with the USB cable. Do you know how I can back up Android files on computer successfully?"

Actually, no matter how careful you are, you are still at the high risk of losing data. So to protect the security of phone data, you are strongly suggested to make a backup of Android files. Then how to backup your Android phone effectively? Here are several options for you. Among them, you can select to backup your Android files to computer, cloud storage or other external hard drives freely. Let's take a brief look on them:

Option 1. Backup Your Android Files to Computer

Option 2. Sync the Phone Data to Cloud Storage (Google Drive)

Option 3. Use Official Tools to Make A Backup

Option 4. Back Up Android Files with Mobile Apps

Bonus: How to Get Back the Saved Data When You Need It?

Backup Your Android Files to Computer

The ideal location to save the phone data would be computer- it equips sufficient memory and strong safeguard. And transferring data from Android to computer is very easy- you just need to connect two devices with USB cable and then copying and pasting the files. However, this way is time-consuming and limited since it can only backup the media files. And if you wish to sync all the Android files like contacts, call logs, text messages, images, music, videos, etc. to computer, you need to ask some assistant software for help. Here we will recommend you the powerful software - Android Backup, which can detect your device from the internal memory space to the SD card automatically. Here we also prepare the introduction and usage for you.

The software can scan all the files in your device completely with no hassle and then display them as different categories on the left panel. What's more, it allows you to backup all your Android data with simple click. And it is worth mentioning that the program is compatible with almost all brands of Android devices like Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, HTC, LG, Sony and so on.

There are two versions available and you can download one according to the operating system of your computer.

win android assistant mac android assistant

Step 1. Launch the Software and Connect the Device to Computer

First of all, you can download and install the software on your computer and then start it. Connect the device to your computer with a USB cable and then you may see an interface like this:

enable usb debugging

Just follow the instructions on the interface to open the USB debugging.

Step 2. 1-Click to Backup the Android Files

After finishing the connection, you can see an interface like this:

backup android phone

On this interface, you can tap on Super Toolkit on the top menu and select Backup on the next page. Then a window with several categories will pop up on the screen. You can tick the folder that you wish to backup and elect a location to save the data. Finally, what you need to do is just to hit the Back Up button to sync the files.

backup android data with 1 click

Except for that, you can choose to backup the files selectively as well. To get these details, you can click to learn:

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Sync the Phone Data to Cloud Storage (Google Drive)

Some people may prefer to backup the desired files to cloud servers, such as Google Drive, Samsung Cloud, OneDrive and so on. That's because this means is more convenient than other ways- users can download the saved files from mobile phone or computer freely. Here, we would like to take Google Drive as an example:

Step 1. Login to Google Drive

At first, you need to connect your Android phone to Wi-fi and launch the Google Drive on your device. After that, you need to set up your Google Drive and login to your account.

Step 2. Upload Files to Google Drive

After entering the Google Drive, you will see the main interface of the server. On this page, you can tap the + icon at the lower-right corner and select the Upload option from the menu. Next, you can navigate to the files you want to backup and then choose a folder to store the files on the "Open from" page. At last, you need to check the items you want and click the Done button to start the uploading process.

backup android with google drive

Tip: The file types that Google Drive supports to backup include contacts, emails, documents, calendars, system settings, Chrome browser data, App data and photos.

From now on, you can access to the Google backup to view or download the backed up files without ant hassle.

Use Official Tools to Make A Backup

To satisfy the needs of users, some mobile phone brands also develop some tools for customers to backup or restore their phone files. For example, Samsung launches Samsung Kies for users to manage their phone data easily; Huawei provides its users with HiSuite to backup and manage their devices. Hence, it is also advisable to complete the backup by using these official tools. You can go to the official website of your mobile phone to search for that. If the developer of your mobile phone does not provide such service, you need to use other methods in this article to make the backup.

Back Up Android Files with Mobile Apps

For those who do not want to perform the backup process on computer, they can download some useful Android backup applications to save the files. This kind of applications is common and you can find a good one on the market easily. Here, in order to save your time in searching the App, we would introduce several high-rated Android backup Apps for you.

1. Helium

Helium is a backup application that attracts lots of attention. It provides users two versions- free and premium version. By using the free version, you can backup and Apps and information from your phone to SD card or computer. If you purchase a premium version, you are allowed to save more files on cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc. You can select to backup the files automatically as well. And what's more important, this tool does not require a root access.

backup android with helium app

2. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is another powerful backup tool. It can help you backup the system and user applications along with their data on external storage of your choice. And best of all, most of its features are free so you can enjoy the application with few restrictions. Nonetheless, this software has two limitations: it can only be used on rooted phones and is hard to operate.

backup android with titanium

3. Mobile Backup & Restore

Mobile Backup & Restore is a reliable backup tool created by Avast software. The free version of this App is capable of saving contacts, SMS, call logs and photos on your Android phone while the premium one is able to backup your music, videos and applications. But to perform the backup process, you need to produce an Avast personal account first.

android backup app

How to Get Back the Saved Data When You Need It?

With a backup of your Android phone, you can easily get back your data while accidentally losing them. Then how to copy the saved data to your Android phone? As for the data saved in cloud storage or SD card, you can simply download or move them to your device. But for the files that are stored on your computer, you need to ask an assistant program for help. Here, Android Backup can assist you import the data from computer to Android phone as well. Here's how:

win android manager mac android manager

Step 1. Build a Connection between Your Android Phone and Computer

At first, you should use a USB cable to connect your mobile phone to computer and run the program on PC. Then just go with the instructions to turn on USB debugging on your device.

Step 2. Import the files to Android

Next, you can tap a folder in left panel, such as Contacts, SMS, Call Logs, Music, etc. After that, you can click on the Import option at the top menu to transfer the data from computer to Android phone.

import call logs from pc to android

Final Thought

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can use to backup your Android phone. But you need to select the suitable one according to your need. This will help to ensure the security of your important data. And if you meet any problem during the backup process, just contact us and we will try our best to solve the issue for you.

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