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How to Backup or Restore Android Data on PC/Mac?

Backing up or restoring data from or to Android device is a common phenomenon in the digital life, but still lots of people don't know how to backup or retore Android data on PC or Mac in suitable way due to lots of reasons, that's why we write this article here and if you have the same question, just keep reading this page.

We all know that Android device have various brands, and every Android manaufacture may have released an offical file manager program to help their users to backup and restore data between phone and computer. However, these kinds of programs always only support their own brand, so if you want to have a tool to manage all kinds of Android phones, these official Android file manager like Samsung Kies, HTC One Suite, etc. are not suitable.

That's why we recommend this Android Mobile Manager here for all of you. This program is compatible with all kinds of Android devices on the market, and its "1-click backup&restore" feature allows users to backup the whole contents or selected files from Android to computer, and restore backups to Android device with 1 simple click.

How to Backup & Restore Android Data from or to Computer?

First of all, you need to connect Android to computer, and make it be recognized by the Android Mobile Manager software. To ensure the recognization of Android, you need to check the following settings:

- Check whether the USB debugging is opened or not;
- Check the USB drvier is downloaded successfully or not.

turn on usb debugging

If you have done the above settings, you only need to follow the prompt instructions to make your Android be recognized by the tool. After that, you can backup Android data or restore it to Android device as you like.

choose the function you need

How to Backup Android Data to Computer with 1 Click?

Directly choose "Super Toolkit" on the top menu, and continue to select "Backup" option in the interface. After that, a pop-up window will appear and you need to select the file types that you wish to backup. Then select "Backup" button to begin the process.

backup data from android to computer

How to Restore Backups to Android Device?

Go to "Super Toolkit > Restore", then you can see all backups on your desktop computer. Select a backup file and tick the file types you wish to restore. Then click "Restore" button to sync them to your Android device.

restore data from pc to android


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