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Guide on How to Root Samsung Galaxy

Why Many People Choose to Root Their Mobile Phones?

Firstly, rooting a smart phone means to get the root access to the mobile phone. As we know that we are allowed to use part of the functions of the smart phones but there are always some place that you can not change. For example, you are not able to uninstall the pre-installed applications which was installed as soon as you bought it and can only stop it at most, which was allowed by the manufactures.

However, if you root the mobile phone, you can ignore the limitation of what the manufactures allowed or did not allow. Rooting smart phones will enable you to modify the device's software and settings on the deepest level. If you root your handset, you can improve the performance of the device, backup all the files seamlessly, change the appearance of the mobile phones, elongate the battery life and update the operating system to the latest one.

The Risks of Rooting Mobile Phones.

You must know that rooting your smart phones will void your warranty. Your device also will face the risk of being "bricked" if you fail in the rooting process.

The Preparation Works:

1. Fully charge your Samsung phones in case that the battery will run out of power during the process.

2. Make a backup of your Samsung files with Android Files Manager on PC.

3. Install a third party software that can help you root the device.

Method One: Root Samsung Galaxy with One Click Root.

Step 1. Download and Install One Click Root on your computer.

Step 2. Use the USB cable to connect the device to your computer and launch the program.

Step 3. Click the "Root Now" button to begin the rooting process.

Method Two: Use Kingo Root to Root the Samsung.

Step One: Install and start the Kingo Root on your PC. Link the Samsung to your PC with the USB cable when you see the interface like the below one.

Step Two: After that, the software will detect the connected device and you will see a window like the below one. Then just hit the "Root" button on the bottom of the window.

Step Three: Then the program will root your device automatically and all you need to do is to wait.

Step 4. An interface will pop up when the rooting process finished. You can just click the "Finish" button finally.

This is the whole process of rooting a Samsung phone and the two methods are also fit for all brands of Android phones.

By the way, if you lost your data and forget to make a backup, you can restore the files like contacts, text messages, photos, videos, etc with Android Mobile Recovery software.