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How to Transfer Files from Android to External Hard Drive Effectively?

Summary: This article is written to teach you an easy but effective way to transfer files from Android to external hard drive. For the users who are eager to move Android files to external hard drive, it can be a helpful tutorial.

Due to the portability and convenience, people save more and more files like music, photos, movies, SMS, contacts, etc. in their Android phones. However, the storage space of the device is limited so you need to backup data on Android. How about sending them to the computer? It is good but the PC may be broken or infected by virus so it is not safe also. Then transferring files from Android to external hard drive seems to be a better choice. But how to achieve this goal? Just see here! You will know an easy-learning method as long as you read the article and follow the steps below.

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First of all, you need to prepare some necessary tools:

  • A suitable USB cable;
  • An external hard drive;
  • A computer;
  • A professional Android data transferring program.

After getting these tools, you can start to perform the moving process. The first thing you need to do is to sync the Android files to PC. Here we would like to recommend you an amazing tool named Android Mobile Manager that allows you to transfer the files from Android to computer in two ways- one click to backup all kinds of files like photos, music, videos, text messages, contacts to PC or copy certain data to computer. After that, you can send the data from PC to the external hard drive for a lifetime reservation.

Now let's start to move Android files to external hard drive!

Step 1. Download and Install the Program

First, you need to download the software by clicking the icon below, the program was designed to suit for both Windows Version and Mac Version. Then you can go with the instructions to properly install it.

win android mobile manager mac android mobile manager

Step 2. Make Your Device Be Recognized

Link your Android phone to the computer by using USB cable and run the program. You will see an interface popping up like the picture shows. Your device will be detected after you enable USB debugging and install USB driver on the computer.

turn on usb debugging

Step 3. Move the Android Files to Computer

Once the Android phone is detected, you can begin to transfer the files. Here you are free to export the files selectively or altogether.

1. Export Special Files to PC

After the procedure finishes scanning your device, a window will pop up, and you can see different categories in the left column. Click the folder you want to backup, which will bring up the detailed contents in the right panel. Just preview the files and mark the ones you want to save. After that, you can click the "Export" button to sync and save your files on computer.

export call logs to pc

2. One Click to Backup Android Files

Select "Super Toolkit" option from the top menu and then choose "Backup". After that, you will see several categories are listed in a window. Just tick off all the folders and select a location to save the files. At last, you should hit on "Back Up" button to transfer the Android files to computer.

one click backup android files

Step 4. Sync Android Files from PC to External Hard Drive

The final step is to transfer the exported files to external hard drive. Just disconnect your Android phone and then connect an external hard drive to the PC by using the USB cable. When the external hard drive is recognized by the computer, an icon will appear on the desktop. You need to double click it to open the external hard drive. Next, you can copy the data transferred from Android phone and paste them in the external hard drive.

move files to external hard drive

That's it! Now all your wanted files will be saved in the external hard drive and you do not need to worry about the data loss anymore. If you really wish to backup your Android files and do not want to lose them, just take action to protect them.

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