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How to Transfer Files from Computer to Nexus 7 ?

There are plenty of reasons that people want to transfer files (photos, videos, documents and other information) from your computer to the Nexus 7. For example: as the tablet, Nexus 7 is lighter and more convenient than the computer so that it can be carried everywhere. So when you go out with your Nexus 7, you have to copy the information and documents that you need from PC to your device.

So how to export the data from your personal computer to the Nexus 7? You may connect the mobile device to the computer and send files directly, actually this method wastes time and efforts because you have to find the data sent from computer one folder from one folder. Nevertheless, a software was recommended by many people to solve the problem, that is Android Mobile Manager.

With this professional yet reliable files-transfer software as your assistant, you can manage the all the data like: photos, videos, music, novels and documents on the computer freely. So download the program by clicking the icons below, and learn to share files between nexus 7 and computer.

Sync Files (Photos, Music, Movie, Documents) from PC to Nexus 7

Step 1. Download and Run the Software

First of all, download and launch the software and then link the Nexus 7 to the computer with a USB cable. Then you will see a window popping up like the screenshot below shows.

transfer files from computer to nexus 7

Step 2. The Program Will Detect and Scan the Nexus

After your device be detected and scanned by the program. All your data such Music, Photos, Video, Book will be displayed on the window as shown. You can click each category to check files that already exist on your device and add more files from computer by clicking Import button.

transfer files from computer to nexus 7

For instance, you can select the "Music" folder and click "New" to add more music from the computer. In addition, you can click "Export" to transfer photos from your Nexus to computer. To be brief, you can share files between nexus 7 and computer according to your needs.

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