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How to Transfer Music between Android and Computer (PC/Mac) ?

Q: I love listening to music as well as singing songs and sometimes I also recorded the songs that sang by myself on the phone. With the increase of audio files, my storage space became smaller and smaller. But I've never thought about delete them, so I decide to copy music from Android to PC as a backup and free my SD card at the same time. There are too many files in my Android phone and it is troublesome and annoyed to transfer them one by one. Could you please help me and offer me some advices about how to perform the transferring process quickly and easily? Thanks a million.

Without music, the world will be boring and bald. Thanks for the invention of cellphones, because we can enjoy the music in anytime and anywhere as we like via the mobile phones. With the the appearance of many applications that allow you to sing with the accompany and record your singing, a lot of people saved many accompany and their own singing in the phones. However the audio files occupied much space of the memory card, so many people looked for a method to backup the songs. Here we will offer you the best solution.

First you need to download a third party tool which is needed as long as you are using smart phones. Among various software, Android Mobile Manager is highly recommended by Android phone users. And the strong points it has are as follows:
- It can help users to copy music between Android phones and computer without any hassle. And many songs could be transferred at a time in one click.
- This tool also allows users to transfer and manage other files like contacts, SMS messages, photos, apps and videos, etc.
- The software has two versions, so both Windows users and Mac users can download the program.

The functions are far more than what I wrote above and you can experience the functions by yourself if you click the icons below and try it.

Tutorial to Sync Music between Android and PC

Before the transferring process, you should open the USB debugging and install the USB driver if you did not do it before. Follow the steps as the screenshot shows and click "Next" button.

transfer music between android and computer

Then your you will see an interface like this, and this is the process of the installation of USB driver.

transfer music between android and computer

Next, a window will pop up after installing the USB driver. You can see the options list in the left panel.

transfer music between android and computer

Finally, choose the "Music" folder on the left of the menu and then click the "All" button below. You can see the items on the right panel and mark those songs you want to backup. Now you can transfer the marked songs after clicking the "Export" button, and they will be saved on your computer.

Moreover, you can also send songs from computer to Android by clicking the "New" button and choose the songs saved in the folder on your computer.

transfer music between android and computer

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