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An Efficient and Effective Way to Transfer Music between Nexus and Computer

Modern people usually listen to the music by two devices- smart phones or computers. And under many situations, you need to transfer the audio files between the mobile phone and computer. So many Nexus users are looking for the simplest but useful method that can enable them to copy music from Nexus to PC or from computer to the device. There are three methods for you to choose.

Method One, Use the USB Cable.

Just directly connect the Nexus phone to the personal computer and the computer will detect the device just like other mobile device. Then you will find a folder that contains all the scanned files. Just double click the folder and look for the wanted files from one folder to the other. Finally copy the data and paste them on the computer. This method will cost much time because there are too many folders in the mobile phone and it is hard to find the wanted one.

Method Two, Use the SD Card Reader.

If you do not have the USB cable, you can use the SD card reader. Turn off your mobile phone and pull the SD card out, then put the SD card into the card reader and plug the reader to your computer. By the way before that, you must transfer the videos to the SD card if they are not saved in the SD card. Then the computer will detect and scan the SD card and you will find the files in a folder. At last, copy and paste the wanted files. This way will also cost much time and efforts.

Method Three, Use the Android Mobile Manager.

You can simply and easily transfer the music between the device and computer with a third party tool- Android Mobile Manager, with which, you can transfer not only the music but also other files like photos, videos and books between the Nexus phone and computer freely without any hassle. You can even backup the contacts and SMS messages from the mobile phone to computer.

First of all, just click the icons below to download and install the program on computer.

Then connect the mobile phone to computer and you need to enable the USB debugging if you did not do it before.

transfer music between mexus and computer

After that the computer will detect your device and scan the files automatically. You will see a window popping up with different options list in the left panel.

transfer music between mexus and computer

Select the "Music" folder and then click the "All " folder in the left column to preview the songs in the right panel. At last, tick the wanted music and click the "Export" button, and find a folder to save the transferred files.

You can tick the "New" button in the top of the window to send songs from computer to Nexus.

transfer music between mexus and computer

Note: The transferring process of other files is similar to this one.

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