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How to Transfer Photos between Samsung and Computer?

"I just downloaded the Samsung Kies and tried to transfer some photos from my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to the computer as backup. But it didn't seem to function as well as it claims. So I came here to see if you guys have any other ideas to make the transfer. I couldn't be more thankful if you can show me how to transfer photos between Samsung and computer easily and effectively."

How to transfer photos between Samsung and computer? This question has made lots of Samsung users feel difficult. But fortunately, you can count on this professional Android Mobile Manager software. It is a third-party desktop application which is the best alternative to Samsung Kies. With it, you can transfer photos from Samsung to computer or from computer to Samsung with no quality loss. Besides, more data including contacts, apps, videos, photos, text messages and files can be transferred between Samsung and computer too.

Furthermore, this program can support all Android phones apart from Samsung smart phones, such as Sony, HTC, Motorola, LG, Nexus, HUAWEI and ZTE. Now you can try this transfer software out by downloading and installing it on your computer. The specific steps are in the following parts. You may follow the instructions to perform this fantastic tool. By the way, both Windows version and Mac version are available.

Steps on Copying Samsung Photos/Pictures to PC/Mac

Step 1. Run the Software and Enable USB Debugging

Connect your Samsung smart phone to the computer via a USB cable and then run the software. Then you have to enable USB debugging before you start the transfer process.

move smausng images to pc

Tick the "USB debugging opened" and click "Next" to install the USB driver on your computer. Then you can see the information of your Samsung phone displayed on the interface as the picture below shows.

manage samsung pictures

Step 2. Transfer Photos between Samsung and Computer

Now please click the "Photo" folder on top of the window and the "Photo Gallery" folder on the left sidebar. The photos or pictures are on the right panel. You can mark the items you want to transfer and click the "Export" button to transfer them to your computer. In addition, you can transfer photos from computer to the Samsung smart phone by clicking the "Import" button as well.

transfer samsung photos

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