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How to Transfer Videos from Android to Computer?

You may met the situations below in the daily life:
- You have a video on the phone and need to send it to other people, however, the file is too big to email from the phone directly so you have to get the video off your Android phone and onto computer;
- Or your Android phone operate slowly because of the storage space is full of your videos and you do not want to delete it, then what should you do;
- Or the video that you took by the phone is precious, so you cherish it and want save it forever in some ways, for example: copy videos from Android to PC.

If the situations described above happened, it is time for you to learn how to backup movies and other videos from your Android mobile phone to your personal computer.

As we know, it is easier to backup videos from Android to PC (Windows or Mac) by using a third party tool, but we do not have much time as well as money to test the various brands and types of mobile assistant programs one by one, So here I recommend you a program that is powerful and useful to save your time: Android Mobile Manager.

Why does this video-transfer software be highly recommended?
1. The tool is concise because you can export and backup the whole videos from your device to computer with one simple click.
2. The interfaces are beautiful, which may delight your eyes and minds.
3. It can be applied to different generations of Android from android 2.0 to android 4.2+ with high compatibility.

In a word, with this procedure, you can easily transfer videos and other documents between your smart phone and PC. You only need to click the icons below and download the Android Mobile Manager, and then you can know how to backup the videos from Android to PC now.

Tutorials on Transferring Videos from Android to Computer

Step 1. Download and Run the Software and Enable USB Debugging

First , download and launch the software and then link the Android phone to the computer with a USB cable. Then you may need to enable USB debugging as the screenshot shows below. You can skip this step if you have done this before.

transfer videos from android to computer

Step 2. Detect and Scan the Android Phone

Then the program will start to detect and scan your Android phone and the data will be displayed on the interface like this after a few seconds.

transfer videos from android to computer

Step 3. Transfer Videos between Android and Computer

Select the "Video" category on the left panel and you'll preview the items on the right panel. Then you can mark the ones you want to transfer and click the "Export" button on the top of the window to save them on your computer. In addition, you can also click the "Import"or "Delete" button to transfer videos from computer to the smart phone or remove the videos.

transfer videos from android to computer

Now why not have a try so that you can save the videos you like on the PC to free your mobile phone.

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