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How to Print Android Contacts?

"I love paper more than the electronic document because the electronic documents can not be touched, which can not give me the sense of security. So I'd like to print the contacts in case that these important files may be lost somehow. So could you please tell me how print contacts from my Android phone effectively and efficiently."

As an Android users, you may need to edit or manage files for different reasons like: managing ES files on computer, reading Android text messages on PC, transfer files from Android to external hard drive or print contacts from Android like the person who asked a question above. Here we will offer you the detailed tutorial and recommend you the software that can help you solve all these problems.

Android Manager can meet all your needs. The software will detect the connected device automatically and scan all the files in the device. Then you can preview all the files on the interface of the computer and the software enables you to transfer all the wanted to computer with one click. By the way, the files it can transferred include photos, videos, music, contacts, text messages, ebooks and so on.

There are two versions available and you can download one according to the operating system of your computer.

User Guide to Print Android Contacts to Back up Android Files

Step 1. Launch the Software and Connect the Android Phone to Computer

First of all, download and install the software on your computer and then connect your device to computer with a USB cable. Then you may see an interface like this and you can follow the instruction on the interface to open the USB debugging.

print android contacts

Step 2. Detect Your Android and Transfer the Contacts

After the USB debugging, you can see an interface like this. There is a list of categories on the left panel and then you can click on the Contacts and then the All Contacts. Then you will preview all the contacts on the right panel and just mark the wanted contacts. Hit the Export button to transfer them to computer.

print android contacts

You can download the free trial version by clicking the icons below.

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