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Print out Text Messages from LG Mobile Phones

I have a LG Optimus G and now need to print some text messages out for evidence in a civil court matter. Can anyone tell me how to save and print out Android SMS messages on my computer? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Even though the sales of LG mobile phone has declined in recent years in the world, but its fashion, contracted, generous design concept has also appealed to a lot of handsome boys, pretty girls and business people. It is undeniable that LG Optimus is a good choice for people who want to get a new mobile phone, and it can satisfy almost all needs of their users.

In most cases, text messages may record some important information and sometimes you may need to print these info out to paper for legal or personal reasons, then what will you do? Obviously, you can't use a USB cable to reach the goal due to the messages are stored in the internal flash card. Thus, to print LG messages out, you need to turn to a professional third-party program - Android Mobile Manager.

With the help of the program, you can easily get access to all data on the phone, and you have the ability to export these data to your computer and save text messages or contacts as CSV format for quickly printing. It requires no professional skills for both beginners and experts. Just get this tool and follow the below steps to reach your goal.

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Step 1. Enable USB Debugging

Let's suppose that your LG phone have connected to the computer and the program also installed. Then launch it, and then you'll see the below interface. Just follow the instructions on the interface to enable USB debugging and install USB driver.

print out text messages from lg

Step 2. Preview and Export SMS to Computer

When your phone is recognized by the program, you can check its detailed information in the software. After that, click "Contacts" > "SMS" to check and preview all messages on your mobile phone. Hit "Export" button to export and save these messages as CSV format on your PC.

print out text messages from lg

Step 3. Print the Messages out

When the exporting process is finished, you can open the CSV file and print it out easily.

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