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Print Out Text Messages from Samsung Mobile Phones

Hello, I have a question for help, I have a Samsung galaxy s7 and iPhone 8, so I decide to sell my galaxy s7 phone, and but I need to backup the text messages in Samsung galaxy s7, and print them. I tried many ways but filed, how can I transfer messages and print from Samsung galaxy s7? please help! - from Apple Forum

Printing text messages from the phone have become a common desire for most cell phone users. Because people want to save these conversation as a permanent memories, especially when they are come from your boy or girl friend, lover or the person, who means lots for you. However, things always dislike you imagine: you plug your S7 to the computer and want to directly export the messages out of your phone, but the fact is nothing you can find on your computer, right? Why?

Almost all mobile phone users have a misunderstanding area is that they think the messages are saved in the external SD card, but actually they are always kept in the phone itself or SIM card. That means you can't transfer, export or copy data from these areas to your computer via a simple USB cable due to access restrictions. Therefore, you need a professional tool to help you export and save your Samsung Galaxy S7 messages to a printable file, and then you can print the file out directly.

Under this situation, here we could like to recommend this Samsung Message Manager program to meet all users' needs. With it, you'll have the ability to export any types of files on your phone like text messages, contacts, apps, photos, video, etc. to your computer and saved as .csv format. After that, you can print the file through a printer directly.

Now, just get this powerful program and follow the below instructions to start your own printing journey.

How to Print Text Conversation from Samsung Galaxy Notes Easily

Step 1. Run the Program and Enable USB Debugging

Plug your Samsung mobile phone into your computer and launch the program which you've installed on the PC. Then you'll see a window that requires you to open USB debugging and install USB driver on your phone. When these operations have been done, a primary window of this program will appear on your PC. And you can see a general information like model, storage space, etc. about your mobile phone.

print out text messages from samsung phone

Step 2. Preview and Export Messages Out

Click "Contacts" and continue choose "SMS" option on the interface, then you can view the whole text conversation on your computer. Just click "Export" button to save these messages as CSV format on your PC.

print out text messages from samsung phone

Step 3. Print the Samsung Messages Out

Open the CSV file on a computer which is connected to a printer, and then you can directly print your text messages out and keep them forever.