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How to Transfer Books between Android and Computer?

In information age, people get used to read books on smart phones or personal computers gradually instead of on the papers. And these books are known as ebooks. In many situation, you need to share books between Android and PC, for example you have read books on the Android phone for a long time and your eyes is tired now so you want to read books on computer which has a bigger screen, then you may want to export books from android phones to PC; Sometimes you downloaded the novels on the computer and you may want to read it when lying on the bed, which required you to send the books from PC to the device.

If you want to perform the transferring process, you need a third party tool. Actually I think the first thing you need to do after buying a smart phone is to buy a third party tool because barely can you manage your smart phone easily without a tool. There are various softwares for you to choose but Android Mobile Manager is the program that you do not want to miss.

First this program is designed for Android phones, so Android phone users can experience the functions and advantages profoundly. And the strong points summarized by the users are as follows:

- I followed the steps after downloading the program and transferred the books from my phone to the computer in seconds, it is really convenient and saves my time.
- I just found that I can also manage other files of my mobile phone on the computer, so I transferred the Android videos, photos and contacts to the PC, which really free the space of my memory card.
- The program is just simple and useful and I think that is enough.

Now you may want to see if the software is really as good as they said, you can download the Free Trial version and have a try!

Sync Android Books with Computer

You can download the different versions by clicking the icons above. Then connect the Android phone to your computer via a USB cable. Next, you may need to follow the steps to enable the USB debugging. If you did this before, just skip this step.

- For Android OS 2.0-2.3, Go to Setting->Application->Development->USB Debugging;
- For Android OS 3.0-4.1, go to Setting->Developer Options-> USB Debugging;
- For Android OS 4.2 or later, go to Setting-> Developer Options, (If you did not find the Developer Options, go to About Device, and tap "Build number" 7 times in rapid succession then back to the Setting page, and then you will find it.), Turn on Developer Options->USB Debugging.

transfer books between android and computer

Then hit the "USB debugging opened" option and click the "Next" button to install USB driver on your computer. You will see an interface like the below one, which show you the process of the installation of USB driver.

transfer books between android and computer

The software will detect and scan your smart phone after the USB driver installed, and the window as follows will pop up.

transfer books between android and computer

Click the "Books" button and then check and mark the wanted books in the right panel. At last just hit the "Export" icon and fond a folder to save them. Besides, click the "New" and mark the wanted books saved in computer, then you can transfer them from computer to your device.

transfer books between android and computer

PS: you can also transfer other files like videos, music, photos and so on, and the process is similar to steps above.

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