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Transfer Contacts from Motorola to Computer

When you program your contacts into your Motorola device, you are sometimes asked if you want to store your contacts information on the phone's memory or your SIM card. If you are not presented with this option, then the information is automatically stored on your SIM card according to the Motorola User Guide. Otherwise, the contacts will be saved in the phone's internal flash card very well.

When you figure out where is the location of these contacts on your Motorola phone, then you can think about how to copy Motorola contacts to your PC. Since you know that contacts are always stores on the phone's internal flash card and SIM card, but the SIM card can only store several phone number, so if you have hundreds of contacts on the phone, we can sure that a majority of your contacts are saved in the phone's internal memory card. So it is inevitable that one day the phone will run out of space and you have to delete or export your precious and vital contacts list to other security place.

Under this situation, exporting or saving your Motorola contacts to your personal computer could be a good option for you, right? However, you can't achieve the goal via a simple USB cable. You need to turn to a professional Motorola Contacts Manager program, here we could like to strongly recommend Android Mobile Manager for your reference. With it, you can add, delete or edit the contacts information on the computer directly, and you can send messages to anyone you like on your personal PC as you like. What's more, the whole contacts can be exported and saved on your PC as CSV format, which can be opened, viewed and edited without any other third-party program.

Now, just get this powerful program on your computer.

How to Transfer, Copy and Save Motorola Contacts on Computer

First of all, launch the program on your computer and connect your Motorola phones to the computer via its USB cable. Then you'll see the below interface on your computer. Follow the instructions to open USB debugging and install USB driver.

transfer contacts from motorola to computer1

Next, you'll see the detailed information of your Motorola phone on the program. Click "Contacts" button and then you'll see the whole contacts list in the program. Select the phone number or choose all contacts and click "Export" button to export and save them on your computer as CSV format.

transfer contacts from motorola to computer2

The process will be finished within a few seconds or minutes. When it is finished, you can open the file and check the number on your computer easily.

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