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Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy/Note to Computer

How to backup Samsung contacts?
YES I am sure this question gets asked a lot of times so I am sure by now people have come up with a GREAT answer for it instead of just telling me to use google. Trust me I have used Google and I found a tool just like Contacts backup, but it has bad reviews and seems to be not work. So I wish to find other effective way or program to save all my contacts from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to my personal computer. Thanks!

Generally, contacts can be regarded as one of the most important data on your mobile phone. Because it is related to your business and life. Without them, you'll hard to contact with your business partner, family members or friends unless you can remember their number exactly, but it is seems impossible. So in order to ensure that your contacts list will never lose accidentally or unconsciously, you'd better to backup them on your computer regularly.

However, contacts information are not like media files (photos, music or video) which is stored in the external SD card inside the phone and can be exported to the computer via USB cable or card reader. In most situation, your Samsung contacts are always stored in two places: one is the phone itself, the other is the SIM card. Thus, when you need to copy this kinds of contacts from your Samsung phones to computer, you have to turn to a professional Samsung Message Manager program - Android Mobile Manager.

This tool is specially designed for Android users to transfer, copy, backup or save all contents on their Android phones to desktop computer with one click. So it can works well with your Samsung phones. And it also allows users to edit and manage your contacts list on the desktop computer directly. What you need to do is only connect the phone to PC via its USB cable.

Now, just get this tool and follow the below instructions to see how easy the program works.

How to Transfer Samsung Contacts (Phone Number) to Computer/PC

Step 1. Run the Program and Open USB Debugging

To begin with, you need to plug your Samsung Galaxy Note to the computer which have installed the Samsung Message Backup software. Then directly launch the program, and it will automatically detect your device and require you to open the USB driver just like the below interface:

Step 2. Scan and Preview Contacts

After enabling the USB debugging, you'll see the primary window of this program on your computer. Click "Contacts" button on the top of the panel and then you'll see all contacts information are listed in the program. Before exporting, you can edit these contacts on the program directly if you need.

Step 3. Begin to Transfer

Select and mark the specific contacts which you want to backup, or click the box besides "Name" to select all list, and then click "Export" button to save them on your computer. All exported contacts will be saved in a CSV format file. So you can open and edit them on your PC directly.

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