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How to Transfer Files from A SD Card to the Computer?

Q: I broken my Samsung phone carelessly yesterday. I did not notice my smart phone when I was going to leave my chair and suddenly my Samsung fall to the ground. I tried turn it on but it gave no response to me and the screen is still dark now. I have many important files in the SD card of the Samsung phone and I want to copy them from the card and backup them on the computer. Could you please kindly tell me what to do now? Thanks in advance!

Modern people treat mobile phone as the most important tool in daily life and store some vital data in the smart phones. What should you do if you encounter the situations like the person above met? What steps will you take if you have to export the files stored in the SD card from smart phone to the computer as a backup in seconds? Here we will offer two methods to help you get the files out of the SD card and backup them on the computer.

Method One. Use the SD card reader.

First turn off your smart phone and pull the SD card out. Then put the SD card into the SD card reader and plug the card reader to the computer. The computer will detect the connected card reader just like other mobile devices. All the data in the SD card will be scanned by the computer and displayed on a window if you click on the icon of the SD card. Finally, you just need to find the wanted files among those data and copy them, then paste them on the computer. This method is simple but will cost you much time because the files in the SD card is too many for you to find the target one.

Method Two. Use the USB cable.

First of all, put the SD card in another Android phone and connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable. Of course you can directly link the original mobile phone to the computer if your Android phone can be turned on normally. Then the computer will detect the device just like other mobile device and then scan the files in it. You will find a folder that show you all the files in the SD card, so you can copy the wanted data and paste on the computer. But this method will also cost you much efforts and time to find the target files because the files in the smart phone are usually large.

Method Three. Use the Android Mobile Manager.

Before the transferring process, you need to put the SD card into another Android phone if you encounter the same situation like the person who ask the question and your Android phone can not be turned on anymore. If your mobile phone can still be turned on you can directly begin to transfer the files from the SD card to the computer.

First of all, you need to download the professional transfer software - Android Mobile Manager, which can help the users to perform the transferring process efficiently and effectively.

There are two versions for you to choose and click the icons below to download the Free Trial version that is suitable to your computer.

Secondly, link the mobile phone to the PC with a USB cable and then open the USB debugging to install the USB driver, thus the software can detect your device. When you see the interface like the below one, just click the "Next" button.

transfer files from sd card to computer

Thirdly, start the application and it will detect your device and scan the files automatically. You will see the window like the below one with different options list in the left panel.

transfer files from sd card to computer

Finally, select the files you want to transfer and you can preview the details in the right panel. Check and mark the files in the right part of the window and hit the "Export" button to send the data to the computer.

You can also click the "Delete" button on the top of the window to erase all the files you marked.

Clicking the "New" button on the top of the window allows you to transfer files from computer to the Android phone.

transfer files from sd card to computer

PS: The data that are displayed on the interface include not only the files in the SD card but also data saved in the mobile phone memory space.

Now you may have a try!

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