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How to Transfer Music/Songs from iTunes to Android?

It is known to all that iTunes is the default yet best music player and media management tool for iOS users, It always be used to store music and other media files on the desktop computer. You can sync iTunes music to your iDevices like iPhone, iPad or iPod without hassle, but how about other handset? If you're getting a new Android phone in recent days, and wish to transfer some excellent songs to the new Android phone, what will you do? How to copy songs from iTunes library to Android?

Actually, you can reach the goal easily: get all your needed music files into one place - iTunes media folder, then upload the music files to your Android phones with a simple Android assistant program. If the music files are not in the media folder, Below steps will help you to copy them to it:

1. On the iTunes menu bar, you can directly click "File". On Windows computer, you need to press the Alt button to show the menu bar.

2. Find the "Library" option under the "File", and then click "Organise Library". Here, you'll see a pop-up window, and you can tick the "Consolidate files" check box and confirm it.

Now, all music files have been loaded into one place, and now you can use a tool like Android Mobile Manager program to import music from iTunes to Android easily.

Steps on Transferring Music from iTunes Library to Android

Directly launch the program after the installation, then you'll see an interface like below:

transfer music from itunes to android

Connect your Android device to the computer, and you'll be required to enable USB debugging and install USB drivers to the computer after your connected device is detected by the program. When your Android phone or tablet is recognized by the program, you can see the basic info of your device in the main interface.

transfer music from itunes to android

Select "Music" and click "Import" buttons to load the whole iTunes media folder from the computer to your Android device.

transfer music from itunes to android


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