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Productive Tips to Transfer SIM Card Data from Android to Computer

"I saved many important contacts which are my business partners or customers on my Samsung Galaxy and sometimes I send documents or some business data to them on the messages. I do not think the mobile phone is very safe because the mobile phone can be stolen or broken and the data in it may also be deleted or lost by accidents or mistakes. Thus I want to make a backup of the data in the SIM card from my Samsung to computer, could you please tell me what to do?"

Contacts and text messages are almost vital data on our mobile phones. No matter how many functions and applications the mobile phone has, the basic functions are still making calls and sending messages. So it is inevitable that users have saved some important information on the device. In order to protect these important files, many people want to transfer the SIM data from Android to computer as a backup.

However, the smartphones are different from traditional non-smart phones whose data can be transferred from SD card and SIM card to computer with one USB cable. To achieve this goal, you need to find some other ways, such as:

Way 1. One-Click to Transfer Android Data from SIM Card to Computer

Way 2. Complete the SIM Card to PC Transfer via SD Card

Way 3. Restore the Contacts/Messages from Android SIM Card to PC

Way 4. Transfer SIM Card Data from Android to Computer via Bluetooth

One-Click to Transfer Android Data from SIM Card to Computer

It will be time-wasting for you to only use a USB cable to transfer data from a smartphone to PC if you have stored a large number of files on the device. Hence, a third-party tool is necessary to perform the transferring process and here we will recommend you the Android Mobile Manager.

The software can not only transfer the contacts and text messages but also the media files like photos, videos, and music from SIM cards or Android phones to personal computers. In addition, it can support various brands of Android phones like Motorola, HTC, LG, Samsung and so on. With high compatibility, the program can be applied to the devices with different grades of the Android operating system. What's more important, this software is 100% clean, so your mobile phone will face no risks of being attracted by viruses and you can also have no worries about leaking personal information.

As you can see from the icons below, there are two versions available and you can choose one to download.

Now let's learn how to transfer data from SIM card to computer:

Step 1. Launch the software and connect the Android phone to the computer. Then you may need to follow the steps what the picture shows to enable the USB debugging or the software cannot detect your device. But if you have done this before, you can skip to the next step now.

enable usb debugging

Step 2. The software will scan your Android data and display them on a window like the below one. Then click the Contacts or SMS option in the left panel. Just click one of them to preview the details and contents.

Step 3. Check and mark the files you want to copy and then hit the Export button to transfer them to the computer. Then you can save the exported contacts and messages as HTML, XML, CSV, BAK or other formats.

transfer sms to pc

If you need to transfer other media files like photos, music or books, you can just click the options in the left panel accordingly and mark the detailed items in the right pane. Finally hit the Export button.

Complete the SIM Card to PC Transfer via SD Card

Do you have an SD card? If you have, copying SIM card data to a computer by using an SD card can be your second choice. Certainly, this way is not as convenient as the first one, but it also works. To complete this process, you need to move the contacts and text messages in your SIM card to the SD card first and then copy the data from SD card to computer. Here are the details:

Step 1. Unlock your Android phone and then tap on the Contacts App to open the contact list.

Step 2. Click the icon located at the top right corner and choose Settings.

Step 3. Go on to choose the options Manage Contacts > Export Contacts and then select the contacts that you want to back up.

Step 4. Select Export to SD Card and choose a location on your SD card to save the selected contacts.

copy contacts to sd card

Step 5. Now you can connect your Android phone to the computer by using a USB cable.

Step 6. Then open the SD card on the computer and find out the contacts you saved.

Step 7. Copy and paste the wanted contacts to the computer.

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Restore the Contacts/Messages from Android SIM Card to PC

Some Android data recovery tool can help to sync the SIM card data as well. For example, Android Mobile Recovery can be used to detect and scan the data saved in both your internal memory and external SD card. Then you can restore the data that are scanned by the tool to your computer. Just follow the steps below to have a try.

Step 1. Download and install the program on your computer.

win android recovery mac android recovery

Step 2. Launch the tool and then use a USB cable to build a connection between your Android phone and computer. Here you need to enable USB debugging on your device if required.

Step 3. Mark the Contacts and Messages option on the primary interface and click on Next to start the scanning process. When the scan ends, all the contacts and messages on your device will be displayed as below.

scan android data

Step 4. Tick the contents you want and hit the Recover button to restore the data to your computer.

restore android sms

Transfer SIM Card Data from Android to Computer via Bluetooth

For those who do not have an available USB cord or fail to turn on USB debugging on their devices, making use of Bluetooth is a suggested way here. By using this method, you need to connect your mobile phone and computer via Bluetooth at first. If there is not the Bluetooth service on your PC, you won't be able to use this means. Let's see how to share the SIM card data on Android to PC via Bluetooth now:

Step 1. Enable the Bluetooth on your Android phone, making it detectable and discoverable.

Step 2. Turn on the Bluetooth on your computer:

- On Windows 7, you can tap on Start > Devices and Printers > Add a Device and wait till it discovers your phone. Then tap on Next.

enable bluetooth on win 7

- On Windows 10, you should click on Start > Bluetooth > Bluetooth settings to turn on the service. Then choose your phone and select Pair.

enable bluetooth on win 10

Step 3. Go to your mobile phone and open the Contacts. Then choose the contacts that you want to back up to PC and hit Share.

Step 4. Choose Bluetooth as your transfer media and elect device - Windows PC which was paired with your mobile phone.

Step 5. Allow your computer to receive the files that are transferred from Android phone and save them onto your computer.

Final Words

In order to prevent your contacts and SMS from losing, transferring SIM card data from Android to the computer is a wise choice. So if you are the one who has saved some important data in the SIM card on your device, you'd better choose one way from above to move the data to the computer for backup. By using the suggested methods, the transfer can be easy and fast.


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