Transfer Text Messages from Android Phones to Computer

Android phone is pretty good for connecting people and digital entertainment. And to most mobile phone users, sending text messages is one of the most important ways to communicate or to do business. So it is inevitable that sometimes these messages will contain lots of important privacy information, thus it’s necessary to protect your SMS from losing. That's also why we write this article.

We all know that messages can be saved in the phone's internal flash card and SIM card. And in order to prevent them from losing, you can set the SIM card as your priority option. However, the storage space of the SIM card is limited, so in most situations, almost all your text conversation are stored in the phone's internal flash card and as a common user, you have no right to get access to this kinds of storage place. So need to find a tool to give you the ability to get access to the phone's internal flash card and export them to the computer. That is why Android Mobile Manager comes here.

With the help of this powerful program, you'll allows to manage all files on the phone, including text messages, contacts, apps, music, photo, etc. So exporting or copying text messages from Android to computer could be a simple task for you once you owned this full-featured program.

Steps: How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to Computer/PC?

The operation of this program is really easy to use. You only need to connect your Android phones to the computer, and then open USB debugging and choose "USB debugging opened" in the bottom of the panel, and then click "Next" to follow the instructions on the interface to finish the installation of USB driver. After that, you can view the phone's detailed information in the main interface.

When you've done the above settings, you can click "Contacts" > "All SMS" to preview the whole text conversation. Select the file you want to backup on your personal computer, and then hit "Export" on the top menu to export and save the Android text messages on computer very well.

The exported text messages will be saved as CSV format, which allows you to view, edit or print directly.


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