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User Guide: How to Transfer Text Messages from LG Phone to Computer?

Q: I need to transfer over 400 texts to my computer so that I can print them out for legal purposes. Now I'm trying to access the SD card that I inserted into my phone via USB cable but nothing existing in it. Then is there anyone who can tell me how to export and save my LG G5 text conversations on my computer for printing or other purposes? It is really important for me, thanks!

Transferring text messages from LG G7/6/5, etc. to a computer helps ensure that certain texts will remain saved and never be deleted or lost due to unknown reasons. And it is also a good way to keep your precious memories forever. Actually, no matter why you want to copy SMS from LG to the computer, you can get the detailed tutorial on this page.

Where are the text messages stored?

Before we start the transferring process, you have to figure out where your message stores. Generally speaking, messages on the mobile phones have two storage locations: one is the phone itself, the other is the SIM card. And in most situations, the messages will be saved in the phone's internal flash card by default. So if you need to copy these messages to the computer, you need to find a professional tool to give you the full ability to get access to your phone's internal flashcard. Here are 3 well-received tools for your reference:

1. LG Message Manager - Transfer Text Messages from LG to Computer with Simple Clicks

2. Android Mobile Recovery - Restore Existing & Deleted Messages to LG G7/6/5

3. SMS Backup & Restore - Sync SMS to Google Drive and Then Move to PC/Mac

Transfer Text Messages from LG to Computer with Simple Clicks

LG Message Manager is a professional Android files manager software that can meet your demands. With it, you can get full access to any storage space on your mobile phone and export messages or other files like contacts, call logs, songs, videos, etc. on the phone to your personal computer without limitation. And not only LG phones, other smartphones like HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, etc. can also be supported by the program completely.

Now, just get this powerful program and follow the below steps to start your own journey.

win android assistant mac android assistant

The operation of this program is really easy - you only need to follow the instructions on the interface, then everything will be done. Here is a brief introduction for your reference:

Step 1. Download the program on your computer and then go with the tutorial to properly install it.

Step 2. Launch the software and then establish a connection between your LG phone and computer: connect via USB or Wi-Fi.

main interface

- If you want to connect via USB cable, you can directly use a USB cable a build a connection between your phone and computer and you need to enable USB debugging on your device and install USB driver on the computer.

turn on lg usb debugging

- If you choose to connect via Wi-Fi, you need to tap on "Connect via WiFi" at the top right corner of the program first. Then you will get an interface as below:

build a wifi connection

Just click on the link to download the APK file on your mobile phone and then launch it. Then you should tap on "WiFi Connection" or the "Scan" icon to scan the QR code on the software. When two devices are set in the same network, you can start to manage the files.

Step 3. After the connection, you will get the main interface of the software. Just tap on the "SMS" folder in the left panel and the detailed conversations will be displayed in the right panel. Just select the messages that you want to back up and tap on "Export" to start the moving process.

transfer android sms

With this program, you are able to:

Transfer Contacts from LG to Computer

Transfer Music between LG and Computer

Transfer Photos from LG Phones to Computer

Transfer Videos from LG Phones to Computer

Transfer Apps between LG and Computer

Restore Existing & Deleted Messages to LG G7/6/5

Some Android data recovery software like Android Mobile Recovery allows you to transfer LG messages to computers as well. Although it is a recovery tool, you can use it to restore the wanted phone data like SMS, contacts, call logs or other files to the computer with simple clicks. Except for that, it enables you to scan and extract the lost messages, contacts and call logs as well. For those who want to get back and save the deleted messages on LG phones, it can be a good choice.

Now let's see how to transfer text messages from LG phone to computer with this tool:

Step 1. Download and install the software on your PC/Mac and then launch the installed software.

win android recovery mac android recovery

Step 2. Root your Android phone and then open USB debugging on the device.

Step 3. Connect your LG phone to the computer via USB cable and you will get the following interface. Just tap on the folders that you want to recover or back up and then tap on "Next".

scan android files

Step 4. After that, the program will begin to scan the files on your LG phone and display them after the scan. Now just tap on the "Messages" category in the left pane and check the texts you want to backup. At last, you can simply tap on "Recover" to copy and save the selected messages to the computer.

recover android messages

You can also use this tool to:

Recover Deleted Contacts from LG Phone

Recover Deleted Data from LG Phone

Sync SMS to Google Drive and Then Move to PC/Mac

Not only the software but some Android applications you can use to complete the transfer as well. On the market, there are various applications available for you to sync or backup Android messages, such as SMS Backup & Restore, SMS Backup+ and so on. Normally, these Apps enable you to sync the Android files to cloud storage services like Google Drive or email. After moving to the cloud or email, you can download the data to the computer easily. Let's take SMS Backup+ for example here.

Step 1. First of all, you need to enable IMAP on your Gmail. Just go to "Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > Save Changes" to complete the configuration.

Step 2. Go to Google Play Store to download the SMS Backup+ App on your phone and then go with the prompts to install it.

Step 3. Run the application on your mobile phone and tap on "Connect". Then the Account Picker on your LG phone will be launched and you will be prompted to choose the Gmail account you want to use for backing up the messages. Then you need to grant the requested permissions.

connect to gmail

Step 4. Next, a prompt will pop up to ask whether you want to begin the backup immediately or skip all messages currently stored on this device. Just click on "Backup" to start the transfer.

sync android sms to gmail

Step 5. When the backup ends, you can log in to your Gmail on the computer and find out the "SMS" folder to download and save the messages to the computer.

Use the Exported Messages As You Like

Just choose one method from above to transfer and save the LG messages to your computer. Here you are suggested to use the first means since it is easy and convenient. After that, you can print out, edit or use the text conversations as you like. Now just take action transfer the text messages first.


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