Transfer Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy to Computer

I have a galaxy S and now I need to transfer my texts on the phone to my PC for backup. Is there any way to do this? I have Samsung Kies installed but can not see that option.

Even though Samsung Kies have the function of transferring your Galaxy SMS to PC in the .sme file format and can be opened with the Kies, but most users have reflected that it always out of work. So you need to find another way to export and save your Samsung messages on PC. We all know that smart phones are the hottest products in the recent years, and it have taken lots of prominent functions to our life that we have never imagine before. But at the same time, people also need to face the more and more highest risk of data losing problem. So make a backup of your Samsung contents seems to be so important at present, especially for some important data like text messages, contacts, photos and more. So in this page, we could like to pay more attention on the topic of how to copy, backup Samsung Galaxy text messages to PC by using a small yet useful Samsung Messages Backup program.

Android Mobile Manager is such a powerful program, that allows users to copy SMS from all kinds of Samsung phones to PC with one simple click. And the exported text conversation will be saved as CSV format, that means you can directly open and edit it on your desktop PC as you like. Or you can print them out to paper for any purpose without any limitation. What's more, besides text messages, other files like contacts, photo, books, etc. on your Samsung Galaxy can also be exported to your computer without any quality losing. And other mobile phone like HTC, Motorola, ZET, LG, Sony, etc. are also supported by this powerful tool.

Can't believe it have such powerful functions? Then just get it to experience these features by yourself!

Steps to Copy Text Conversation from Samsung Galaxy to PC

Let's assume that your Samsung Galaxy S 2/3 or Note 2/3/4 is connected to your computer, and the program is also installed on the PC. Then you can follow the below steps to start your own transferring process.

Step 1. Enable USB Debugging

In order to ensure your device will be successfully detected by the program, you need to open the USB debugging and install a USB Driver on your Samsung phone by following the instructions on the interface.

Step 2. Preview the Messages Before Exporting

Directly click "Contacts" button on the top of the panel, then you'll find there is a "SMS" option existing in the left panel. Click it and then you'll see both received and sending messages on your mobile phone are listed in the program. Just view them and find the conversation you want to copy.

Step 3. Export and Save SMS on Your PC

After deciding which messages to backup, you can click "Export" button to save these messages on your computer as CSV format.