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Transfer Text Messages from Sony Xperia to Computer

These days, functions of cellphones become more and more diversified, bring more and more forth fundamental changes in human life. For example, you may decide to buy high-end cellphone like Sony Xperia, and while you're enjoying its new-attractive features like playing games, watching movies, chatting with your friends online, etc, you also can easily get in touch with each other by making phone calls or sending text messages regardless of the distance of thousands of miles. And undoubtedly, people are used to contact their friends with text messages, especially young people. That is mainly because texts are with very strong ability to express.

Then sometimes in order to keep some important messages, people need to transfer SMS messages from the mobile phone to computer. However, we know that messages are always stored in the phone's internal flash card, and we can't export them via a simple USB cable. Thus, here you need to find a tool to give you the ability to get access to your Sony Xperia's internal flash card, then you can transfer text messages from Sont Xperia to computer easily.

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So in order to save your time for comparing and selecting the program on the Internet, here we could like to strongly recommend Android Mobile Manager for your reference.

Sony Message Xperia - Transfer, Copy SMS Message from Sony Xperia to Computer

This is a powerful program which can work well as the best Sony Message Manager software, which allows users to directly transfer text message conversation from Sony Xperia to computer. And you also can send messages to your family or friends on the PC via the program without any limitation. Cool, right? Now, just follow the below instructions to see how easy the program works.

Step 1. Make Your Sony Xperia Detected

To begin with, you need to install and launch the program on your computer. Then connect your phone to the computer. The tool will automatically detect your device, and if this is the first time for you to use it, you have to check whether the USB debugging is opened. If not, you need to enable the USB debugging on your phone and then install USB driver on your computer according to the program's reminding.

turn on usb debugging

Step 2. Preview Text Conversation in the Program and Begin to Export

To preview the text conversation on your Sony Xperia in the program, you only need to click "Contacts" > "All SMS" option. After that, hit "Export" button to export and save the messages on your computer as CSV format.

export sony messages to pc

Now you can directly open the CSV file to edit, or share the messages to anyone you like.


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